Letter: If not now, when?

Wednesday, November 08, 2017
If not now, when?

As it has been often said, much too frequently, of late

Again, just yesterday – whatever the date

“Guns don’t kill people – people kill people,” they surely do

From what we saw just yesterday, we know that it is true.

And what we heard all day today is getting pretty old


“Guns don’t kill people,” To me, that sounds pretty cold.

“Stones don’t kill people, either, I won’t deny it

Except for maybe years ago with David and Goliath.

But, then you had only one stone, and only one victim

To do more, you’d need multi abettors chucking those old stones in.

What I’m saying is, if you must kill many more than one

There is nothing more practical than “old reliable” – the gun!

Unless you are referring to what was available back in 1789

The old musket – or muzzle loader, which has been hellishly refined.

So which would be the more practical? Try to control the gun?

Or control everyone who is capable of hate – now that should be some fun!

It shouldn’t be left to gunmakers or those that just dispense

We, who are getting killed should act, now, to me, that makes more sense!



(The writer is 89 years old, and over those years has fired BB guns, .22 rifles, 30/30 rifles, 12-gauge shotgun, M-1, .45 handgun, Uzi type “grease gun,” bazooka and 75 mm tank cannons. “Not one of them,” he says, “was ever worth a human life.”)