Editorial: Kuster in District 2

  • Rep. Ann Kuster Elizabeth Frantz

Published: 11/1/2016 3:05:08 AM

Rep. Ann McLane Kuster has earned a third term to represent New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District in Washington. More than most in Congress, Kuster has focused her work on improving the lives and lot of working people, veterans, the elderly, and those struggling with addiction and mental illness. The latter is a problem that plagues New Hampshire, which needs all the federal help it can get to fight the new opium war and rebuild a mental health system that was allowed to come to near collapse.

As one of the most rapidly aging states in the nation, it also needs to do all it can to make sure that Social Security and the other supports crucial to a dignified and secure old age have the ability to continue and improve.

Kuster serves on the Veterans Affairs and Agriculture committees, again both vital to New Hampshire. She worked together with Republicans to enact a veterans reform bill designed to address mismanagement, delays and denials afflicting VA care for the victims of war. She is working to reduce homelessness and the epidemic of suicide among those who served.

Kuster was among those who fought for and succeeded in passing the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, which increases treatment opportunities for a disease that can strike any household, one claiming hundreds of young lives per year in New Hampshire alone. She supports the Affordable Care Act that now provides health insurance coverage for some 50,000 of the state’s formerly uninsured and expanded Medicaid, which has made addiction treatment services possible for many who would otherwise die waiting. She wants Congress to back increased family leave time for workers, a higher minimum wage, gender equality in pay and affordable child care.

Kuster also looks out for the interests of the state’s $1 billion agriculture industry, which is always at risk of suffering from policies designed to aid big state agribusiness. She joined with the rest of New Hampshire’s delegation to secure funding to complete the expansion of Interstate 93. She is pro-choice and an advocate for women’s rights.

By contrast, Kuster’s opponent, Jim Lawrence, a former state representative and conservative Republican, has a record of taking extreme positions. As an example, though a veteran himself, he advocates using the National Guard to patrol the state’s borders in hopes of stemming the flow of illicit drugs. That proposal shows extraordinarily bad judgment and ignorance of history. Lawrence’s business background and financial circumstances are a mystery, one that an hour with the Monitor’s editorial board failed to solve.

The election deserves to be Kuster’s in a landslide.

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