Letter: A co-op solution

Friday, December 08, 2017
A co-op solution

The bureaucrats are getting ready to unravel net neutrality on Dec. 14. Once it happens the cable companies will start tiering their services. I suspect it is partially due to the growing number of folks cutting the cable in order to subscribe to Netflix or other streaming services.

So here’s a little suggestion and warning for them: We subscribers are paying rent for your services, but you want to wring more money for less service. Since we’re paying, we might as well own our service provider. Think co-operative. Just as there exists an electric co-op, which is very popular among its members, there needs to be a co-op ISP.

We can create a service provider owned by all but owned by none. I’m not talking municipal taxpayer-funded wifi. I’m talking customer owned.

The upside for the greedy cable company is they get to keep 100 percent of the zero dollars we’ll be paying them. No taxes on that nothing.