Letter: Empty words

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Empty words

Another mass shooting. Followed by more families experiencing the unimaginable. Followed by another litany of thoughts, prayers and moments of silence from our nation’s leaders. Followed by inaction.

It’s become our new normal, which in itself should be our wake-up call. How can we, a nation that prides itself as the leader of the free world, allow this cycle to continue?

I’ve been a lifetime gun owner – some of my fondest memories include skeet shooting as a young boy with my uncle. That doesn’t keep me from calling for common-sense gun-control measures to keep guns out of the hands of those intending to kill and keep weapons meant for mass destruction off our streets.

I’m not alone. The latest Pew Research Center polling shows that decisive majorities from both sides of the partisan divide favor such common-sense policies. And while I’m glad to see that the NRA is open to discussing a bump-stock ban, we need to go much further than that if we are going to keep this senseless violence from happening again.

Gun violence is a complicated issue. While mass shootings grab our national attention, two-thirds of our nation’s gun deaths are caused by suicide. We need smart, well-researched policies that get at the root causes of gun violence.

As citizens, it is up to us to tell our political leaders that we are tired of the same-old empty words. We want action and we want it now.