Letter: The power of prayer

Published: 2/23/2021 12:01:33 AM

I am a hardcore Republican, and I believe in forgiveness and the power of prayer.

Some good people get so far in and they don’t know how to back out. Could we please pray for all RINOs out there and our own Jennifer Horn? She has a big loving family and must receive a lot of love.

Also, could we pray for my friend “Mr. Concord Heights” Dick Patten, who passed away recently?

For all that you did for Ward 8, I will never be able to catch up to you. The list is too long to repeat. RIP, my friend.

As there is talk about rebuilding the Concord Airport after 90 years, I would like to see a plaque or sign out front with maybe a picture of Dick Patten on it. God Bless America.



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