Letter: Vote to support Sunapee schools

Published: 2/26/2020 12:01:20 AM

Being a mom, teacher and taxpayer in this town I feel as though I have a unique perspective on the current problems with the Sunapee school facilities.

As a mom, I feel gratitude for the education that my children have received. A huge part of this education includes the extracurricular activities. Having two athletes, I know our field system is suffering. Although my kids will be graduated by 2021, I strongly believe that in order to continue our history of a strong education and sense of community, we need to invest in the future.

As a teacher, I get to spend seven hours a day in a classroom at SCES. There are many infrastructure issues that affect the safety of our children, from antiquated radiator heating systems to a lack of proper ventilation. These problems inhibit the children’s education. This month, there have been multiple children unable to come to school because of illness spreading due to the inadequate ventilation system.

As a taxpayer, I understand the worry that goes along with an increased tax bill. I will be paying that along with you. I know that it’s my civic duty to give back. This plan addresses all of the district’s needs, not just the elementary school. It fixes both schools and fields for less than last year’s plan. I don’t see how we could do a better job.

On March 10, please vote “yes” on Article 3 in support of a new elementary school and fields.



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