Letter: Support workers by defeating SB 61

Published: 3/3/2021 12:01:14 AM

The N.H. House of Representatives has a great opportunity to support the workers of New Hampshire by defeating Senate Bill 61, which is now before them. Wearing the disguise of “freedom,” this Trojan Horse legislation will be pulled through the gates and into New Hampshire. It will then, in darkness, begin destroying the important organizations that defend New Hampshire workers.

Worker pay, benefits, and safety all decline in states that have passed such legislation. The so-called “freedom” supposedly found in this bill is, as Janice Joplin so eloquently sang, “just another word for nothin’ left to lose.”

As an American citizen and veteran, I am appalled at this unwarranted intrusion into the free exchange of ideas that governed my relationship with my employer, and theirs with me. Fair share rules are a reasonable, but not mandatory, part of many labor contracts. The leaders of any enterprise can look at the fair share rules and decide if they want them or not. Potential employees can also look at the fair share rules, along with all other aspects of an enterprise, and decide if they wish to work there or not.

This legislation is nothing more than tyranny, usurping New Hampshire citizens’ rights and freedoms. Please, New Hampshire House, defeat SB 61.



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