Letter: Vote Republican and stop the madness

Published: 10/14/2018 12:01:12 AM

The tantrum by the left reached a fever pitch during the Supreme Court hearings. Having dismissed actual existing evidence proving their chosen presidential candidate committed several federal crimes and ignoring the exploits of their own elected officials, they dug through Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s background and had to leap into his high school days before they could find anything even resembling a stain on his record.

It was bad enough that the “protesters” were in the Senate gallery shouting profanity and screaming to the point where the judge’s children had to be escorted from the room, but the elected representatives were no better.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wanted the committee to come to California. The committee would have gone to California, but that wouldn’t have worked for the leftists because it would have been private and their circus needed to be televised, so they didn’t tell her. The senator in whom she chose to confide said she never leaked anything and blamed Dr. Ford’s friends. These people are teaching our children that the way to get what you want is to destroy everyone and everything you don’t like by whatever means is necessary. They have destroyed the rule of law by believing accusations are convictions against Republicans but laws don’t apply to them. They’ve called for violence against anyone who disagrees with them. It’s a temper tantrum of epic proportions and we can’t let it continue.

I urge you to vote Republican in these oh so important midterm elections and stop the madness.



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