Education: ‘Tools, Talk, and Tech’ combines history and scientific discoveries

  • Eighth-grade student Ben LaBrecque presents to his class how hot air balloons work —Courtesy of Chrissie Sargent

  • Weare Middle School Tech Ed teacher Mark Boucher (left) helps student Sean Crean wit the hot air launcher. Courtesy of Chrissie Sargent

  • Students watch as one of their hot air balloons floats over the Weare Middle School campus. —Courtesy of Chrissie Sargent

Published: 12/6/2021 7:00:07 PM
Modified: 12/6/2021 6:59:39 PM

Students in 7th and 8th grade at the Weare Middle School who are not taking a foreign language now have the opportunity to take an elective class during that time period called E3 — Engage, Enrich, and Extend. One of the electives within E-3 is Tools, Tech, and Talk, team-taught by Instructional Technology Specialist Chrissie Sargent, Tech Ed teacher Mark Boucher, and Enrichment Coordinator Wil Crabtree.

In a recent unit, students in Tools, Tech, and Talk learned about the history and science of hot air balloons. Working in groups, they created a research poster on lighter than air flight by either balloons or airships. They had to find visual primary sources (mostly historical photos) and explain the images, cite their sources.

“It was exciting to share with them how research skills are used in hands-on professions and that the skills they learn in school have many real-world applications,” said teacher Wil Crabtree.

“Our students also presented to the class how hot air balloons work and made hot air balloons out of tissue paper,” explained Chrissie Sargent, a teacher on the team. “It was a memorable day when students were able to launch their hot air balloons, using a propane-powered hot air launcher, outside on a beautiful fall day,” she continued.

Other topics covered in E-3 will include creating websites, planning and building a model city, 3D printing, learning communications skills through formal presentation, and learning about a range of tools, from power saws to computers.

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