Letter: Protect the vote

Published: 9/16/2020 12:01:22 AM

Every American who values the wonderful country we live in and enjoys the freedoms so many others around the world are denied will be upset to learn of the inaction of our government.

To date, we still await the results of the Durham investigation begun months and months ago to determine if agencies within our government illegally used the courts to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump 2016 presidential campaign. Already, Judicial Watch used FOIA requests to obtain documents that prove FBI lawyers broke the law. Why has no action been taken?

To date, our government has done nothing to prevent bad voting practices that may indicate numbers of votes cast that are fraudulent. We want confidence that votes cast reflect exactly what the majority of citizens want, nothing else. Without that confidence, each party will believe the other party cheated. Without that confidence this country’s only democratic method of self governance will be destroyed. At that point where do you turn? Everybody for themselves?




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