Sobriety checkpoint coming to Bow in the upcoming week

  • New Hampshire State Police Trooper vehicles off of Hazen Drive in Concord.

Saturday, September 09, 2017
BOWSobriety checkpoint planned for next week

State police will run a sobriety checkpoint in Bow next week.

New Hampshire State Police announced Saturday that they will run checkpoints “during the week of September 10” in Bow after getting an order from the Merrimack County Superior Court to conduct the operation, according to the press release.

The statement said the checkpoint is being run “as a result of the increasing incidents of drinking and driving.” It argued that such checkpoints are “the most effective method of detecting and apprehending the impaired operator.”

Not all agree, and some call them unconstitutional.

Last year, state police conducted 15 sobriety checkpoints, at which they stopped 2,574 vehicles and arrested 21 people for driving while intoxicated – less than 1 percent of the drivers stopped.

More than 85,000 people have passed through a sobriety checkpoint in New Hampshire since 2006; the share of operators accused of drunken driving has never exceeded 1 percent of the traffic stops during the course of any year.

Monitor staff