Gallery displays #MeToo portraits

  • Jessica Cantlon’s image will be a part of the #MeToo exhibit. Courtesy of the Trumpet Gallery

  • "Tonya Exum" will be a part of the #MeToo exhibit at the Trumpet Gallery. —Courtesy of the Trumpet Gallery

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Trumpet Fine Arts Gallery will host a special exhibit of portraits of “Silence Breakers,” a mere few of the women and men who have broken the silence surrounding sexual abuse harassment.

This exhibit will be ongoing and added to as more people speak up and out on this crucial issue.

“We Are Not Prey: #MeToo” is a unique event, as the artist, Campbell Harvey, invites the public to participate by adding their story to this important and growing movement.

“I have been on the front lines of fighting the ‘rape culture’ since the first sexual assault I experienced when I was in college. The year was 1966. Finally, the silence is being broken,” Harvey said in a statement. “I will be adding to these portraits as I am committed to the #MeToo movement for the sake of our children and their children.”

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