Developer proposes 20 market-rate homes and 16 workforce townhomes in Epsom


Monitor staff

Published: 09-21-2023 2:30 PM

Plans to build 36 multifamily townhomes in Epsom will be discussed at an open meeting Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Epsom Central School cafeteria.

The Epsom Zoning Board will vote on a variance request made by the developer, The Dubay Group, Inc., headquartered in Londonderry, seeking an exception to the town’s ordinances that would otherwise limit the development to 12 townhomes only.

In addition, the developer must show that the construction complies with a specific checklist before the plan can move forward, regardless of how many townhomes are part of the project.

“A complete plan for the proposed development shall be submitted showing location of all buildings, parking areas, access, open space, landscaping and any other pertinent information. Such plan has been submitted to the satisfaction of the board,” read the town’s official documentation.

Specific areas that must meet standards include maintaining the land’s integrity, and potential problems with drainage, septic systems, water supply and traffic.

Under normal circumstances, the approval of a variance is more difficult than an acceptance due to the fact that a variance seeks to circumvent town ordinance.

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The plan calls for a cluster development of 20 market-rate homes and 16 workforce townhomes, which commonly are more affordable. The Zoning Board has the option to modify the number of townhomes it will permit to be built. And even with the approval of the variance, the project will still face scrutiny from the Planning Board.

Wednesday’s meeting might need to be continued to another day if time does not permit the introduction of all pertinent facts. When concluded, the Planning Board will review the decisions made by the Zoning Board on an undetermined date.