Opinion: What rights are in danger?

Concord NH State House

Concord NH State House


Published: 12-03-2023 7:30 AM

Adam Czarkowski works in the technology sector and lives in Penacook.

As the race for governor of New Hampshire continues the Democrats are trying to imply that abortion rights in New Hampshire are in danger. I understand why. Stroking fear about abortion rights is how Democrats raise money and motivate their base. The question is, are abortion rights really in danger in this election?

Both Republican candidates for governor, Kelly Ayotte and Chuck Morse, have stated publicly that they have no plans to change current abortion law. With both Republicans opposed to changing the current law it makes it unlikely a heavy-handed abortion ban would become law.

Once the dust settles from former Rep. Troy Merner’s voter fraud, Republican control of the New Hampshire House is looking as likely as a New England Patriots playoff appearance this season. With Democrat control of the New Hampshire House and a Republican governor with no plans to change the law, it would appear from an objective perspective abortion will be as legal in 2025 and beyond as it is today.

The rights that are in danger this election are the rights protected by the Second Amendment. Both Cinde Warmington and Joyce Craig, the leading Democratic candidates for governor, have publicly stated they want to take away the rights of New Hampshire gun owners. Joyce Craig has been the most vocal about taking on New Hampshire gun owners. Craig has proposed banning certain firearms. She has proposed adding red tape and bureaucracy to the legal carrying of firearms. She wants to impose restrictions on firearm storage when New Hampshire already has a negligent storage law on the books.

You may ask why are these candidates trying to antagonize gun owners in a state with such a long tradition of gun ownership? A recent NBC News poll found that 52% of households have at least one firearm. This is the highest percentage since polling started in 1999. Since this was a national poll, it can be assumed New Hampshire’s percentage is even higher. Why go after such a large demographic? The answer is likely to get a share of the money national gun control groups are spreading around to try to influence elections. I understand these groups have rebranded as “gun safety” organizations but that is just marketing. They are really after gun control.

If these candidates were serious about safety and not control, they would ask how two felons acquired firearms and allegedly shot four people in Manchester this summer? Purchasing or possessing a firearm by a felon is already against the law. How did a mentally ill person who caused an armed standoff with the police and was involuntarily committed to the New Hampshire Hospital acquire at least two firearms? These are the questions that should be asked. Not how to take away the rights of gun owners that have done nothing wrong.

So as the election cycle moves into 2024 make sure to pay attention to what rights are really in danger and what is just hype.