Letter: You can’t support border policies and be ‘pro-life’

Published: 6/27/2018 12:01:05 AM

President Donald Trump ended his policy of separating families arriving at our southern border, but the nightmare is not over.

​The administration ripped children from their parents with no plan for reuniting them. Border patrol didn’t give parents and children matching ID bracelets or papers. Border patrol didn’t even write down their names.

Airlines treat our luggage better than this.

Some of these children might never see their parents again. And those families who are reunited still face a bleak future under Trump’s zero-compassion policy.

Trump will no longer grant asylum to anyone fleeing domestic or gang violence. He argues the asylum-seekers’ home countries are equipped to protect them, a claim refuted by his own State Department, which reported the governments of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador were unable and/or unwilling to protect their citizens from the violence there.

Trump also plans to criminalize the act of crossing the border illegally (it is currently a misdemeanor). While these asylum seekers await (potentially criminal) court hearings, they will be detained as families in camps. If they are convicted of a criminal charge, they will be jailed and lose their children. If they defeat the charges, they’ll be returned home, a death sentence for many.

If you’re not outraged, please remember that (unless you’re Native American) you descend from immigrants. Your ancestors came here, often as families, often fleeing persecution and violence, all seeking a better life for their children. You just got lucky because your family arrived before Trump was president.

And if you call yourself pro-life, stop.



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