Letter: Wolf for state rep

Published: 10/8/2020 12:01:24 AM

I am running for re-election as state representative from Newbury and New London. For over 50 years I have worked with you in a variety of roles to find solutions to our common problems, to seek ways to improve our communities, and provide a better education for our children.

How do we improve our world when we will not even listen to those who have a different view? Or who have a party designation after their name that is not one that we support? When our discourse is limited to only those that agree with our thoughts, how do we find what may be a different or even a better method to accomplish the objective?

Over the last four years in the House of Representatives I have worked across the aisle. I have reached out to those who may not agree with me. Despite the fact that your political views are different than mine, I will still reach out to you to work to improve our world. I stand proudly on my record of voting for the best interests of Newbury and New London, not the wishes of one party or the other.

I believe that I am the only candidate who will cross party lines to fight for the issues that matter to our community. A vote for me, Dan Wolf, will be a vote in the right direction to end the partisanship in New Hampshire and to show that we can work together.



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