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John Harrigan, the preeminent voice of the outdoors, saw it all
01-06-2023 9:46 AM


She went around to the side of the building, bypassing the media and chaos out front.She knocked on her father’s window at the News and Sentinel office in the North Country. John Harrigan opened the door to let Karen Doolan in, then quickly moved back...

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Sunset Baseball League president Steve DeStefano is looked upon as the league’s savior. These days, though, he’s grown weary. 
06-12-2023 7:18 PM


Steve DeStefano looked terrific. He wore a blue button-down shirt in his real estate office on Pleasant Street, highlighting his deep blue eyes. His hair was silver, but his hairline remained at the front line like a good soldier, unwilling to...

Sanbornton fire chief on firecrackers in his mailbox: ‘Very disrespectful to me and my family’
05-22-2023 4:48 PM


Sanbornton Fire Chief Paul Dexter was proud that he had built a strong mailbox to replace the weather-beaten one that his children had given him eight years ago on Father’s Day.But he’s certainly not happy that someone placed firecrackers in his...

Tragedy decades ago in Boscawen serves as a reminder to students: don't drink and drive
05-21-2023 2:00 PM


Lynn Colby wants high school students to remember that it’s not too late to avoid a catastrophe that will forever alter the course of many lives.It altered Colby’s. Her brother, Skipper Kingsbury, got drunk and drove into a tree three days before...

She lost her son 150 years ago in the Civil War, and told a story of grief and sacrifice
05-15-2023 7:30 PM


Betsy Phelps had the eyes of a grieving mother this week.Sometimes, she gave a warm and understanding gaze. Other times she just looked plain sad.Never happy, though.Phelps lost her son, Charles, at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. She spoke to a...

Granite State Roller Derby – where showtime meets intense competitionBones sometimes break, but that does little to deter the women on the local roller derby team 
05-15-2023 7:24 PM


Spitfire crouched low behind a wall of women, her eyes scanning the rugby-like traffic jam on the oval’s narrow straightaway at Everett Arena.She waited for her teammates – in this case blockers with names like Peppermint Catty, Enis Fly Trap,...

Bouncing around like a pinball describes this Hometown Hero’s life
05-15-2023 7:20 PM


Mother’s Day was meant to honor people like Cyndi Magee.Magee has navigated through life juggling responsibilities like a circus performer. She’s a registered respiratory therapist who works through the night, treated patients with COVID at the height...

Pembroke boy’s rare condition puts family on a winding health journey
05-11-2023 6:40 PM


Ignore, for a moment, his endless rocking, minus the rocking chair.And forget about his white, outsized long-sleeved shirt, which he uses to hide the damage caused by his obsessive urge to scrub his hands to kill germs and calm his fears.Instead, just...

The post office puts its stamp of approval on a children’s writer
05-06-2023 3:08 PM


Tomie dePaola – the affable local author and illustrator whose children’s books have sold 25 million copies worldwide, but whose book about a benevolent witch was banned in several U.S. school libraries for its positive views on witchcraft – will...

Calle Walton to be grand marshal of Future in Sight’s fundraising walk
05-01-2023 5:51 PM


When Calle Walton lost her sight for good 10 years ago, she began to change her dreams of acting, and focus on teaching instead.Typically positive and optimistic, Walton felt beaten, fearing that her blindness had ended her hopes of acting...

Peggo steps aside from her all-inclusive women’s chorus 
04-26-2023 5:03 PM


Peggo Horstmann Hodes wants the world to sing, no experience necessary.That’s been one of her jobs at the Concord Community Music School. She’s conducted the all-female Songweavers Chorus the past 12 years and at one time had about 100 singers, before...

Common Man to open new drive-through location in Epsom
04-25-2023 4:48 PM


Alex Ray, who prides himself on being a common man, has shown uncommon skills while building an empire within the state’s always-challenging restaurant business.His Common Man logo – a farmer working in his field, pushing and leaning hard on a tiller...

They won’t cut your hair, but they’ll sing you back to yesteryear. Anyone want to come aboard? 
04-19-2023 10:08 AM


Sometimes, Louis Jacob wears a red vest, a white shirt and a black bow tie.He looks like someone from 100 years ago when barbershop quartets and even larger singing teams were common. A declining enrollment for such pursuits in years past was made...

Look out for I-393 work in Chichester, Pembroke next week
04-14-2023 4:52 PM


Road work on Interstate 393, extending from Exit 1 to the Pembroke/Chichester line, will occur all of next week, the Department of Transportation announced Friday.The facelift will include the ramps to Exits 1 through 3 and begin on Monday, weather...

Investigators believe arson was to blame after an Epsom house burned for the second time 
04-13-2023 7:23 PM


State and local fire officials, already investigating the cause of a house fire on Dover Road in Epsom three months ago, believe arson played a role after firefighters were called to the same house on Tuesday afternoon.State Fire Marshal Sean Toomey,...

Racist words and hate symbols continue to surface in the area, including near the Sewalls Falls Bridge
04-10-2023 2:29 PM


Less than two weeks after the Fish and Game Department had covered a swastika spray painted on the wall of an old railroad trestle, more racist remarks and symbols surfaced on Sunday at the same spot, discovered by a local resident walking his...

For the late Terrence Judge, who died last month, firefighting was a colorful career 
04-04-2023 5:52 PM


Some of Keith Judge’s most vivid memories of his late father contain lights.For example, he recalls the urgency of the red lights, part of Terrence Judge’s DNA and Keith’s childhood, swirling on the trucks inside the Pembroke firehouse each time...

Common Man building new location at Epsom Traffic Circle
04-04-2023 5:45 PM


Alex Ray, the Common Man Restaurant’s founder and owner, is bringing his famed logo – a farmer working in his field, pushing and leaning hard on a tiller to prepare the soil for planting – to the Epsom Traffic Circle, perhaps by late summer, an...

Suncook Valley town crier for the week of March 26, 2023
03-28-2023 8:58 AM

ALLENSTOWNElderly database■Just In Case Program - Safety Net for Elderly and Vulnerable Community Members. The Just In Case Program is a comprehensive town-wide registry of elderly vulnerable community members of dementia, autism, and more. The...

Suncook Valley town crier for the week of March 19, 2023
03-21-2023 11:43 AM

ALLENSTOWNChurch anniversary■St. John the Baptist celebrates its 150th Anniversary with the birth of St. John the Baptist falls on June 24 and starts that day with a special mass at 4 p.m.; followed by a catered dinner, music, and a featured speaker....

Suncook Valley town crier for the week of March 12, 2023
03-14-2023 11:20 AM

ALLENSTOWNSt. Patrick’s Day supper■Allenstown Town Elections will be held on March 14 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at St. John the Baptist Parish Hall at 10 School St.■St. John the Baptist Parish Nurse Program and the Community Table will be closed on March...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 57 total.

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